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The site has become an outlet for our obsession with music, art, literature, and life!


Wa Conner has worked in the northwest music scene for many years as a member of northwest acts The Stiffs, Renaissance Blue, Wymsikal Triod, I.T., as well as my current project: DEAD POETS SOCIETY which I founded in 1998. In addition to performing the drums and percussion on album tracks I have also contributed bass guitar and keyboards, as well as arranging and producing all of the tracks.

Wa is a  co-owner of the NW entertainment company Carpe Diem Publishing, which has produced concerts for The Dragonflies, Brundlefly, Hotboxed, Stir Fry, Nub, and Rockhead Shiner, among
many others. Carpe Diem also briefly published the indie zine THIRST (inspired by a novel of the same name written by Wa Conner) from 1995-1997.

He currently is the dealer of The Oregonian and USA Today for all of Wasco County, in Oregon and Klickitat County, in Washington which encompasses the towns and cities of The Dalles, Goldendale, Dallesport, Lyle, Rowena, Dufur, and Wishram.

Wa attended the University of Oregon as a music major but never finished his degree. 

He worked as a freelance writer covering subjects such as technology, art, music, and sports, as well as creating works of speculative fiction as novels, short stories, and poems. His work has appeared at Yahoo, Lollipop Magazine and other pop culture/music review sites.

He is a fan of the Portland Trailblazers, Portland Timbers, and the Portland Thorns. Wa Conner was one of the original members of Alea Iacta Est,  before it became the largest World of Warcraft guild on planet earth. 






Raven Nightshado (aka Jessica Griffin-Conner) was born and raised in Portland and moved to The Dalles, Oregon in 1995. She was raised at an early age in the presence of her father’s band Live Griffin (also briefly known as King Griffin)  In addition to piano, keyboard, and bass work, she provides vocals and programming for Dead Poets Society, and is the lyricist.


Jessica wrote Sherlock Holmes and the San Franciscan Affair (2007).


Raven was the first member of the Alea Iacta Est guild to be granted the officer status of Centurion, and with other officers helped grow and manage the guild from less than one hundred members to one with  over three thousand members. This made it the largest and most successful World of Warcraft guild on Earth.

She has worked at Columbia Gorge Community since 2008.