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"Drumeria", the new Dead Poets Society single from the "Synners" video, is now available!

In late 2010 we announced that we would be releasing a handful of tracks that had not been released widely, or were tracks that we enjoyed but felt did not fit well into the new album, so we decided to release these separately as singles.





















“Drumeria” is the third of these singles.


In 2002, we debuted our Dead Poets Society music video, “Synners”(which you can check out here if you like), at the first annual Parkdale Film Festival. 


In order for the video to meet festival requirements some end credits were added, and this track was composed to back those end credits.


The image on the cover of the single is a still from the film festival edit of the “Synners” video, and features Ryan Mann from Hotboxed (who performed guest vocals on the song, and co-wrote the story for the video). Ryan Mann, performing live with Hotboxed.


The track has been requested by fans over the years, and we are proud to have finally made it available in high quality sound. 


Currently you can only grab a copy at iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby, but eventually you will be able to get the song at all of the usual places: Last.fm, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, MediaNet, and Verizon.

We’ll update this post with the links as they come in. So be sure to visit again, if it hasn’t appeared on your favorite spot yet.

 If you’d like to support the band, in addition to picking up the song, you can also help by writing a review on iTunes, CDBaby, and/or Amazon

Happy Pi Day!

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