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Ocean of Wire



“Ocean of Wire” by Jessica Griffin-Conner

Happy New Year!  As we begin our journey into the unknown that awaits us in 2013, I hope you join us on this epic journey with our couples Olivia Orpheus/Alan Fitzgerald, John Orpheus/Elizabeth Harmon, and Orpheus/Eurydice with The Bone Asylum.


Ancient Greece:
Shortly after wedding one another, Orpheus is forced to part from Eurydice as he joins Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece.

While Orpheus battles Sirens with song on vast seas far away, Eurydice waits in misery, and with eager anticipation of his return.

“Ocean of Wire” is the fourth single released from Dead Poets Society’s ambitious concept album The Bone Asylum.

The Bone Asylum tells the story of three couples who live in different eras, but are connected by a common tragedy, that leads to one question: “Can Olivia Orpheus overcome her tragic destiny?”

“Ocean of Wire” is available at CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, Nokia, Muve Music, iHeartRadio, Bloom.fm, Great Indie Music

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