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"Gates of Hell"  *updated*

Fans have been able to stream this song for years, but you’ve never been able to officially purchase a copy. We are proud and very excited to announce that after nearly ten years of work, you can finally get your own official digital download of the first single from our next album THE BONE ASYLUM from CDBaby  Amazon iTunesSpotify, and Rdio.

THE BONE ASYLUM, the third full length release of Dead Poets Society, is a concept album that tells an epic story about love, loss, and grief. It is our most personal album, and is sincerely the one of which we are most proud. When we created Dead Poets Society way back in 1998, this was the album that we had always envisioned crafting.

“Gates of Hell” is intensely grooving electronica that is topped off with guitars, synthesizers, and piano, drops you right in the middle of the action as you experience the determined journey of Orpheus to recover his beloved Eurydice, who is being held hostage Hades the God of Death and King of the Underworld. The piano leitmotif is Orpheus, and the string leitmotif is Eurydice.

After many disasters, personal crises, and life adjustments, Dead Poets Society almost didn’t make it to this point. We think that you will agree with us that the wait was worth it.

We will be releasing more singles from THE BONE ASYLUM over the next few months, including many that no one outside of the band has ever heard before. We hope to have the album available for digital download by late 2012 or early 2013.


Dead Poets Society: Gates of Hell





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