A Nice Week of DPS Laden Podcasts.

The music of Dead Poets Society has been listed at The Podsafe Music Network for just over a week now and we’ve been fortunate enough to have had our songs Halo (dead poets society mix), Invisible Monsters, Synners, Fire Bolt (live at the zebra lounge), and Mohawk (dead poets society mix) all played on GD’s Bite Size Bonus, A Better Day and
Bump You Up.

I’ve mentioned GD’s Bite Size Bonus in a previous post a few days back. I can’t express how cool Green Dragon’s show is. It is really remarkable what kind of global music program he is able to put together five days a week, Monday through Friday. If you are a music fan, I highly recommend this program. I can’t get over the fact that he played “The Electric Haze” last week and has generously played our Collide remix “Halo (dead poets society mix)”, “Synners” (influenced by the novel by Pat Cadigan), and our Hotboxed remix “Mohawk (dead poets society mix) this week.

That our music was played on A  Better Day, the fitness podcast,  was a bit of a surprise to me as I had never considered that someone might enjoy hearing our song “Invisible Monsters” (inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name) while working up a sweaty lather. Okay, I had considered it, but I had always envisioned someone working up an entirely different kind of sweaty lather. lol

Bump You Up is a brand new podcast. Our song “Fire Bolt (live from the Zebra lounge)” appeared in the second episode. DJ Trashy, the host, indicates that he created the show as a resource for podcasters to find “intros, outros, musical beds and jingles”. I’ll be honest, the podcast sounds like it is still settling into a groove and finding its way. Although you can still hear the rough edges  it is clearly heartfelt. It remains to be seen how the show will mature and develop.


Some of you may remember that DPS was on before it folded. As of December 2003 we moved our songs to We are happy to announce that finally worked out all the kinks to a brand new feature… the return of STATIONS!

Stations and soundclick accounts are absolutely FREE! Perfect for those of you who enjoy creating your own music stations featuring your favorite independent music from any and all genres! Head on over to and add the music of Dead Poets Society to your favorite station today! Your selection and daily enjoyment of your station will ensure the continued placement of Dead Poets Society at the top of the charts. As of today, Dead Poets Society was listed on over 200 stations!


Legends Magazine reviews "After the Ball (Stark Raven Mad Mix)"

Legends Magazine

Issue #141

Minefield - Decomposition: Re-Inventing Minefield Review

“Dead Poets Society’s After the Ball (Stark Raven Mad Remix) has more sex appeal than Asia Carrera in a service-filled threesome.”

—-By Ray Van Horn, Jr.


Moving Hands reviews Decomposition: Reinventing Minefield.

   ” …I haven’t heard the original versions so I have no idea how this sounds compared to that, but this sounds great. The vocals performed by Tamara Kent are great, a clear and crisp voice, at times invincible, indestructible, at times terribly fragile, as if she could break any second. Tamara’s voice reminds me a lot of Tori Amos, especially on “It’s too late”, where the piano treatment resembles the sound of Amos as well, only the surroundings here are a bit more industrial.
    The remix provided by Dead Poets Society is truly magnificent, ever growing, ever changing, the vocals layered over simple electronics and great noisy beats with the piano floating on top…”

/Fredrik Hörström


Click here for the rest of the review.



A Collision of Sound...

March 29th

A few months back we did a remix for the great goth/darkwave band Collide in support of their new CD "Vortex", a double CD that contains people such as  Charlie Clouser (from Nine Inch Nails) among many others. Our remix "Halo - Dead Poets Society" is not on the CD but it is available for full streaming pleasure exclusively on their website at the following link. Enjoy! Let us know what you think as always! If you'd like to purchase a copy of our remix you can get it here for the very low donation of 75 cents.

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