The 2nd song from our new concept album The Bone Asylum, we are proud to release “Eclipse” featuring guitar performances by Michael Angelo Ormando. Available today on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music Store, and soon on and many other fine digital outlets.

Dead Poets Society - “Eclipse”, cover design by Jessica Griffin-Conner

At this stage in our story, Olivia Orpheus is wracked with grief after the loss of her lover Alan to terminal cancer. She seeks out answers. She ponders what, or even IF there is a future for her:



black sun dawning on my technicolor day
old goths never die they only fade to grey
blackness surrounds me but I’m not the only one
I recognize resentment in the eyes behind the sun.

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain….
My heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain

white orb light fills me and I am complete again
if wholeness can be measured when your barely even sane
killing my presence until there is nothing left to see
nothing but the emptiness you’ve left inside of me…

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
My heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless-

rain beats on my window
a million stars descending down
shattered drops of crystal
burst on the pavement with no sound
in these tears I wander
my essence dead but mortal bound
without your sun my shadow
is hidden in this earthly shroud

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
my heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain

don’t take away this love I have longed for
please take away this pain
my heart is filled with untouched emotion
eclipsed by endless rain


lyrics by Jessica Griffin-Conner
vocals by Jessica Griffin-Conner
guitars performed by Michael Angelo Ormando ( aka Michael X of The Dragonflies/The Raven Trybe)
mixed and engineered by Wa Conner and Jessica Griffin-Conner
produced by Dead Poets Society


"Gates of Hell"  *updated*

Fans have been able to stream this song for years, but you’ve never been able to officially purchase a copy. We are proud and very excited to announce that after nearly ten years of work, you can finally get your own official digital download of the first single from our next album THE BONE ASYLUM from CDBaby  Amazon iTunesSpotify, and Rdio.

THE BONE ASYLUM, the third full length release of Dead Poets Society, is a concept album that tells an epic story about love, loss, and grief. It is our most personal album, and is sincerely the one of which we are most proud. When we created Dead Poets Society way back in 1998, this was the album that we had always envisioned crafting.

“Gates of Hell” is intensely grooving electronica that is topped off with guitars, synthesizers, and piano, drops you right in the middle of the action as you experience the determined journey of Orpheus to recover his beloved Eurydice, who is being held hostage Hades the God of Death and King of the Underworld. The piano leitmotif is Orpheus, and the string leitmotif is Eurydice.

After many disasters, personal crises, and life adjustments, Dead Poets Society almost didn’t make it to this point. We think that you will agree with us that the wait was worth it.

We will be releasing more singles from THE BONE ASYLUM over the next few months, including many that no one outside of the band has ever heard before. We hope to have the album available for digital download by late 2012 or early 2013.


Dead Poets Society: Gates of Hell






Dead Poets Society singles available through Paypal!


Remixes and Rarities by DPS. Painting by Edward Walter


If you have a valid Paypal account, you can purchase from here a few of our albums, and many of our singles (including some previously unavailable for purchase singles from our forthcoming album The Bone Asylum) with nothing more required than a valid Paypal account. At $.75, you cannot find a cheaper price for our songs on the net.

This store has our albums, The Electric Haze, Deprogramming, and our limited edition album Remixes and Rarities.


10th Anniversary of Dead Poets Society' Album, THE ELECTRIC HAZE

It was exactly ten years ago today that we released our debut album, The Electric Haze. In celebration of this date, we’ve slashed 25% off of the price of physical CD and digital copies for a limited time at!  If you have never picked up a copy, now is the time to do it!



"Drumeria", the new Dead Poets Society single from the "Synners" video, is now available!

In late 2010 we announced that we would be releasing a handful of tracks that had not been released widely, or were tracks that we enjoyed but felt did not fit well into the new album, so we decided to release these separately as singles.





















“Drumeria” is the third of these singles.


In 2002, we debuted our Dead Poets Society music video, “Synners”(which you can check out here if you like), at the first annual Parkdale Film Festival. 


In order for the video to meet festival requirements some end credits were added, and this track was composed to back those end credits.


The image on the cover of the single is a still from the film festival edit of the “Synners” video, and features Ryan Mann from Hotboxed (who performed guest vocals on the song, and co-wrote the story for the video). Ryan Mann, performing live with Hotboxed.


The track has been requested by fans over the years, and we are proud to have finally made it available in high quality sound. 


Currently you can only grab a copy at iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby, but eventually you will be able to get the song at all of the usual places:, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, MediaNet, and Verizon.

We’ll update this post with the links as they come in. So be sure to visit again, if it hasn’t appeared on your favorite spot yet.

 If you’d like to support the band, in addition to picking up the song, you can also help by writing a review on iTunes, CDBaby, and/or Amazon

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