Lyrics added...

We used to have the lyrics for “I Don’t (Andrea’s fault mix)” and “Synners” up, but somehow they were lost in the move, so I’ve put them back up again. You can find the lyrics for “I Don’t (Andrea’s fault mix)” here, and the lyrics for “Synners” here.


Artists Wanted...

If you are an artist and you are interested in seeing your work on a cover of something we are about to release  let’s see some links in the comments. Individual artists, studios, what have you.

Tell your friends.


Another Cozy Digital Home For DPS Music

Like children, our songs keep finding new places to live on the net, and never call us on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Fortunately, being able to find our songs in the markeplace for the device or favorite website of our fans makes them happier. We like happier fans. So, you can now find our music in the Zune Store. So if you have a Zune, you ALSO happen to have access to our music from our first two albums. Go you!


Zune: Before you ask, we have no idea why our album Deprogramming is listed twice. (Twice as tasty maybe?)


Kinky and the Geek podcast opens each episode with a "Massacre".

Kinky and the Geek, a podcast for all things kinky and geeky has been using our song “Massacre” from our second album Deprogramming as their title track for the past 15 episodes or so. Be sure to check them out.


Episode 8 - The Powerful Play is up!

Episode 8 of DPS: Remixes and Reflections is now available. Enjoy!