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Deeper and Deeper inside Madonna.

Our “Deeper and Deeper” Madonna remix is now posted on our Remixes page. If aren’t subscribed to the feed, be sure to add it to your feed catcher so that you don’t miss these free songs that you may or may not have in your collection.


The Global Muse reviews The Electric Haze

The Global Muse - November 25th, 2001

by Carla Archuletta

Count Dead Poets Society as one of the few modern and innovative bands in the sub-cultural underground of the disenfranchised that is defining Electronic Goth. Pop culture is a roomful of mirrors, which means that there are infinite possibilities for unflattering angles. Not here! The Electric Haze is a celebration of the soul, infused with powerful rhythm, ambient techno improvisation and infectious industrial groove. This recording tells a story of its own. Three musicians, Wa’s driving beats, Tim Gibson’s chord-and-melody interplay, and Raven Nightshado’s keyboards and vocals, come together to create an original voice which transcends musical boundaries. A highly recommended musical experience with seamless vision, spirited interplay and dynamic complexity.
- Carla Archuletta


To The Bone reviews The Electric Haze

To The Bone - October 18th, 2001

by M. W. Siereveld

On their new CD “The Electric Haze”, Dead Poets Society manages sounding like your favorite music from the recent past while having their feet planted firmly in the future of electronic music. Mixing manual instrument manipulation with computer generated loops, each title morphs and mutates into a cross hybridization of familiar and totally new sounds. Complex beats and crisp synthetics juxtaposed with gothic rock and exotic sounds augment songs that begin with lush ambient atmospheres. Tracks sounding like sweeping cinematic scores turn into music hard enough to bruise the dance floor. A gene splicing of New Order, BIGOD20 and Future Sounds of London might sound something like Dead Poets Society. While the title track “The Electric Haze” and “The Portal” are outstanding examples of their sound, the Martin Dennyesque “I Dream of Japan” is pure exotica and shows this bands range and hints at surprises yet to come.


If you were listening to Area 54, on KMCQ 104.5 FM, The Dalles tonight around 8:15 p.m., you were able to hear the Dead Poets Society remix of "I Feel Loved" by Depeche Mode.