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Gods of Music reviews "Synners"

Gods of Music

Dead Poets Society

“Synners” from the album DEPROGRAMMING

by Clint Gaige

This is a haunting song. William Gibson would be proud, this song would fit nicely in any of this tech-novels. I can easily imagine this song fitting into the background of his work, maybe a favorite of a Neuromancer. You can’t pigeon hole this song and declare it a genre, it just isn’t that simple.

The song opens with a haunting vocal that immediately pulled me in. Then the music starts demanding my continued attention, or shall I say, “change for the machine.” The music flows and creates a world in which anything is possible, a world where what you see is just an illusion.

This cut is an outstanding piece of creating. I can’t imagine anything removed from the whole, I can’t imagine moving anything. Even the faults I could hear felt “in place.”

This is a strong song, I am curious to see whether the album is as strong as the single. This is an album I am going to try to get my hands on soon. It’s an aural journey right into the worlds of William Gibson (Neuromancer), William Burroughs (Nova Express), Pat Cadigan (Synners), and Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?).

I have to recommend this on pure aesthetic!

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Gothic Beauty reviews The Electric Haze

Gothic Beauty, Issue #5 - April 2002

Dead Poets Society
The Electric Haze
4 1/2 of 5 stars

by Poseidon

Of all the musical genres I know, the one I find the truly hardest to explain is “electronic”. Here we have one great big huge field of musical beauty (and terror) where anything that has even the slightest hint of using a keyboard other than a Bosendorfer piano is instantly reduced to “anybody can do it.” Sure. Right. Whatever.

These people have never heard Dead Poets Society. Neither had I until about an hour ago. Read on. The biography from this band was very “factual”. The Electric Haze is their debut album. Wa is the programmer, percussionist, songwriter, and “driving force behind the music”. Gibson also works the boards, providing more of the ethereal facets behind the music.” Raven Nightshado performs keyboards, vocals, and the more “melancholic” facets behind the music. Etc. etc.etc. Very factual.
What the biography does not explain, in my humble opinion, is how three simple “people” created such an amazing album!

Define the music? That’s easy. Unfortunately they don’t have a genre for “brilliant, unique, that’s some damn fine coffee.” You can dance, sleep, dream, regret, drive, f***, sit around, or do anything to this music (with the exception of headbanging, unless you’re just plain weird).

Electronic, perhaps, but with the creativity of The Orb and Dead Can Dance intermixed with it. This album is a beautiful, gentle ride through the kindest parts of chaos. A silent world called delirium. You never know where the music may take you next. From a smooth, rhythmic ride in “The Portal”, or visiting the places where no one is innocent in “Damn Fine Coffee”. I found this album dizzying, elating, chaotic, and hypnotic. Some of the BEST “electronic” music I’ve heard in a long time. These three musicians are planning a tour in support of this new album. I would urge you to check them out.