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Dead Poets Society' THE BONE ASYLUM is out now!

We began this journey a long time ago, and many things have changed. This album took
the better part of 12 years to complete. Now, don’t envision us chained to our instruments
for 4,384 days. We did a lot in those 12 years. We toured for the last album, we got married,
bought a house and settled into domesticity. We worked on music now and then, but life
has this strange way of getting between you and the things you really ought to be doing.
We also had a very grand vision for this album. Maybe too grand. It was our original
intention to create the music in conjunction with a comic book. The comic would tell the
story in between the songs, and the songs would enhance the themes in the comic.

In the end, trying to find artists, production questions, and other concerns sidetracked us
until the point that we realized we had two choices: put the music out without the comic,
or put the music onto a shelf somewhere in our archives and never talk about it again. We
decided to put the comic on hold and release the music.

If it becomes possible in the future, we’ll release the comic with art to match. For now,
we’ve included the script in these liner notes for your reading pleasure. There are select
images included, mostly from the appropriate single covers, and the script refers to the
songs when they come into the story.

This project can be enjoyed one of several ways. Either you may listen to the music and
disregard this script, you may disregard the music and just read, or you may listen and read
together. Think of it as a follow-along book for grownups.

The story is really three stories. It takes place in three countries, three eras. The first story
is that of Orpheus and Eurydice, and it takes place in Ancient Greece. The second takes
place in Europe in the Victorian era, where John Orpheus, an Englishman, loses his wife
Elizabeth in childbirth. The final piece of the story takes place in modern-day America,
where John and Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter, Olivia, is coping with the loss of her
partner of 10 years, Alan.

Throughout all three stories we see repeating themes and motifs: death and grief, love and
longing, and the communion between the living and the dead, and between rationality and

In Kutna Hora, an ossuary near Prague, generations of residents have assembled the bones
of their dead into decorations for the church. Though this practice may seem morbid to an
outsider, the people who began this practice saw it as a way to honor their dead.
During the last 12 years, we’ve had plenty of time to honor our own dead. Wa’s
aunt Connie died in 2004. In 2008, his mom, Nola Jean, got a third bout of cancer and
finally succumbed to it three days before Thanksgiving, 2009. In her grief, Nola’s sister
Louise suffered a stroke a few months later. Just when we thought she would recover, she
died as well. And in the summer of 2013, we got a call from Jess’s mom that her grandma
was dying, and if we wanted to see her before she passed away, we should get to Wyoming
as soon as possible.

We made a road trip to see my grandmother, and drove through Yellowstone Park.
Amidst the trees and buffalo, we talked about finally putting aside all our concerns and
releasing this album.

So we present this to you. A labor of love and loss, and of grief and gratefulness. We
thank those who helped us, and honor those who aren’t here to share it.

With love,

Wa Conner
Jessica Griffin Conner aka Raven Nightshado

Shadowcroft House
September 26th, 2014


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Dead Poets Society's third album THE BONE ASYLUM is available for pre-order now!



Dead Poets Society’s third album THE BONE ASYLUM is available now for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, with the album releasing on September 26th, 2014! Links are available below.

Pre-orders of THE BONE ASYLUM on iTunes receive the song “Karma Factory (the Maenads)” immediately. The rest of the album will be delivered to you on September 26th.

THE BONE ASYLUM tells the story of three couples who live in different eras, but are connected by a recurring tragedy, and asks the question: “Can Olivia Orpheus overcome her tragic destiny?”

THE BONE ASYLUM is a concept album that tells an epic story about love, loss, and grief. It is our most personal album, and is sincerely the one of which we are most proud. When we created Dead Poets Society way back in 1998, this was the album that we had always envisioned crafting.

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Cover image by Stephen Randall, aka StrawberryR at Deviantart.com


The new single from Dead Poets Society, “Apoplexy,” delves into the maw of madness. Eurydice, filled with hope and innocence in the moments after wedding her beloved, Orpheus, the son of Apollo, is chased by her husband’s drunken, lust-filled cousin, Aristeus, son of Dionysius. Aristeus falls upon Eurydice, violating her, and throws her body from the jagged cliffs of Thrace onto the seashore below. As the waves lap at her broken form, Orpheus discovers his love and collapses into grief and madness, anguish, and Apoplexy.

In this soul-rending instrumental track, Dead Poets Society gives us a chilling and rage-filled look into grief, loss, and pain.  

Music by Wa.

Cover art image provided by Stephen Randall, aka StrawberryR.

Cover art design by Dead Poets Society.

Madness by Aristaeus.

Death by Eurydice.

Apoplexy by Orpheus.


Now available on CDBaby iTunes, Rdio, Google Play Amazon, Spotify, and soon on all of your other favorite digital juke joints.


Ocean of Wire



“Ocean of Wire” by Jessica Griffin-Conner

Happy New Year!  As we begin our journey into the unknown that awaits us in 2013, I hope you join us on this epic journey with our couples Olivia Orpheus/Alan Fitzgerald, John Orpheus/Elizabeth Harmon, and Orpheus/Eurydice with The Bone Asylum.


Ancient Greece:
Shortly after wedding one another, Orpheus is forced to part from Eurydice as he joins Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece.

While Orpheus battles Sirens with song on vast seas far away, Eurydice waits in misery, and with eager anticipation of his return.

“Ocean of Wire” is the fourth single released from Dead Poets Society’s ambitious concept album The Bone Asylum.

The Bone Asylum tells the story of three couples who live in different eras, but are connected by a common tragedy, that leads to one question: “Can Olivia Orpheus overcome her tragic destiny?”

“Ocean of Wire” is available at CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, Nokia, Muve Music, iHeartRadio, Bloom.fm, Great Indie Music


The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine) 


The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine) cover designed by Jessica Griffin-Conner

“The Wedding (Sinfonia Morfine)” is the third release from our concept album THE BONE ASYLUM.


  Our three protagonist couples make vows to their partners.

In ancient Greece: Orpheus and Eurydice wed.

Late 19th Century London: John Orpheus and Elizabeth Harmon wed.

21st Century Portland, Oregon: Olivia Orpheus and Alan Fitzgerald exchange vows to
one another and begin living together.


Now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, Spotify, and Rdio.