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All Because of You!

Due to the overwhelming support at Jango, our band was recently awarded additional plays on their radio channels! Thank you so much! You guys rock! If you haven’t been over there yet, the link is here.


Plus, we’ve added “The Endless Shore”, which is another track from our next album, The Bone Church, for you to check out, and add to your music stations there.

Fans, once again, thank you very much!


New Dead Poets Society Songs on Jango!

Just in time for Halloween, you can listen to four new tracks, “Karma Factory”, “Despair and Despondency”, “Apoplexy”, and “This Vast Ocean of Wire” from our forthcoming new concept album, The Bone Church, right here on Jango.com (the free internet radio station).

This is the only spot you can hear them for now! Please be sure to “Fan” the band. We would love to hear comments about the new songs.


New Dead Poets Society Single "Schoenfeld" Available Now Worldwide!

“Schoenfeld” by Dead Poets Society

“Schoenfeld” is the first of a batch of singles that Dead Poets Society will be releasing over the coming months. As we’ve worked endlessly on the new album we discovered that there were some tracks that didn’t really fit on The Bone Church, but they were tracks that we liked, and thought that they should be made available to you.

Schoenfeld was inspired by the incredibly positive impact that Wa’s maternal grandmother, Leola, had on his life as a creative person. If she were alive, she would have been nearly 107 years old. The album cover is a photo of her taken around 1928. Her maiden name was Schoenfeld, which means “shining field” in German.

This track is an instrumental juxtaposition that takes that shining field and passes it through the pressure infused context of today’s modern world, much as the personality of Leola Schoenfeld once did. She was an unconventional woman, and this is an unconventional instrumental mix of electronica, rock, and jazz. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

“Schoenfeld” is available for digital distribution through CDBaby , iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Amazon.co.uk,  Zune, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Jango.

We welcome your impressions and reviews of “Schoenfeld” on Facebook, Last.fm or CDBaby.




Lyrics added...

We used to have the lyrics for “I Don’t (Andrea’s fault mix)” and “Synners” up, but somehow they were lost in the move, so I’ve put them back up again. You can find the lyrics for “I Don’t (Andrea’s fault mix)” here, and the lyrics for “Synners” here.


Another Cozy Digital Home For DPS Music

Like children, our songs keep finding new places to live on the net, and never call us on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Fortunately, being able to find our songs in the markeplace for the device or favorite website of our fans makes them happier. We like happier fans. So, you can now find our music in the Zune Store. So if you have a Zune, you ALSO happen to have access to our music from our first two albums. Go you!


Zune: Before you ask, we have no idea why our album Deprogramming is listed twice. (Twice as tasty maybe?)