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The Global Muse reviews The Electric Haze

The Global Muse - November 25th, 2001

by Carla Archuletta

Count Dead Poets Society as one of the few modern and innovative bands in the sub-cultural underground of the disenfranchised that is defining Electronic Goth. Pop culture is a roomful of mirrors, which means that there are infinite possibilities for unflattering angles. Not here! The Electric Haze is a celebration of the soul, infused with powerful rhythm, ambient techno improvisation and infectious industrial groove. This recording tells a story of its own. Three musicians, Wa’s driving beats, Tim Gibson’s chord-and-melody interplay, and Raven Nightshado’s keyboards and vocals, come together to create an original voice which transcends musical boundaries. A highly recommended musical experience with seamless vision, spirited interplay and dynamic complexity.
- Carla Archuletta