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Dead Poets Society's third album THE BONE ASYLUM is available for pre-order now!



Dead Poets Society’s third album THE BONE ASYLUM is available now for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, with the album releasing on September 26th, 2014! Links are available below.

Pre-orders of THE BONE ASYLUM on iTunes receive the song “Karma Factory (the Maenads)” immediately. The rest of the album will be delivered to you on September 26th.

THE BONE ASYLUM tells the story of three couples who live in different eras, but are connected by a recurring tragedy, and asks the question: “Can Olivia Orpheus overcome her tragic destiny?”

THE BONE ASYLUM is a concept album that tells an epic story about love, loss, and grief. It is our most personal album, and is sincerely the one of which we are most proud. When we created Dead Poets Society way back in 1998, this was the album that we had always envisioned crafting.

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