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Wrapped in Wire reviews The Electric Haze

Wrapped in Wire

This act creates great electronic instrumentals. Their music is very full and well textured with a lot happening in it. Since these are instrumental tracks relying simply on the music without vocals, the music needs to be good to hold your interest. And the music is superb. It mixes a lot of different genres within it such as EBM, techno, trance, tribal, ambient, experimental, etc.

This is pure electronic music created with programming, sampling and synths. There is a lot of variety throughout this release with each and every track sounding different. Some stand out more than others, but everything is good here.

There is a mixture of structured music and experimental music to be found here. I do find the structured music to be a little easier to listen to and enjoy. But the experimental music is interesting in its own way as well.

If you enjoy varied electronic music without any vocals, this CD is for you.


The Dalles Chronicle reviews The Electric Haze

The Dalles Chronicle ran a story about the Dead Poets Society’s new album, The Electric Haze:

The Dalles Daily Chronicle - August 21st, 2001

Local Band Churns Out Album

“The Electric Haze”. the new album from the local act Dead Poets Society, demonstrates the musical talents of Wa, Raven Nightshado, and Tim Gibson.

Their singles, “the electric haze”, “so much beauty”, “fire bolt”, and “the vast unknown” have been selling strongly on Mp3.com for months.

The new album combines surprisingly diverse influences including East Asian, Middle Eastern, techno pop with a strong dance beat, and electronic sampling from pop culture influences including movies, television, literature and even video games.

The band has been known around The Dalles area for several years, and has been producing concerts at The Dalles Armory.

They’ve been performing unique versions of popular 1980s new wave songs such as Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”, and Gary Numan’s “Cars.”

Dead Poets Society also recently made a licensing agreement with Espresso Lingo for the rights to use a special version of “fire bolt” from the new album for a radio spot now appearing on 102.3 FM in The Dalles.