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DPS live!

DPS was sifting through the live tracks recorded at THE ZEBRA LOUNGE in Bozeman, Montana and we’ve thought you might enjoy hearing the live version of “Fire Bolt”.


Thank you Bozeman!

Eric Drake (played keys during our 2002 tour)Thank you Bozeman, Montana for the great turn out and your special generosity last night. We look forward to performing at the The Zebra Lounge again the in the future. Dead Poets Society’s set was recorded live. Perhaps some of the live tracks will end up on mp3.com in the future. Keep a keen ear out.


Live at The 13th Floor!


Joining Spectre VII & Dead Poets Society at the 13th Floor tonight will be well known Gothic/Industrial DJs Azrael and Curatrix.

DJ Azrael has worked with groups such as COIL, Diamanda Galas, Murder of Angels, Bauhaus, This Mortal Coil, and DAS ICH. He will be spinning chill music in the lounge upstairs for the duration of the show, as well as closing out the night in the main room following Spectre VII.

The whole show is being videotaped for inclusion in a future music video promoting Spectre VII, S7 Productions and Statue Records, the indie label who just signed Spectre VII for worldwide distribution. Come get your groove on, and smile for the cameras, you may just end up in the video!

Spectre VII - Twilight’s Dawning