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The W.O.W was Now.

The gig at WOW Hall was a blast. Thanks to all who could make it to the show. Mucho Kudos to King Black Acid and Prodd.

Thanks also to: Justin Hunt, WOW Hall, Abe Nielsen, Jason Woods, Angela McGill, Jason Kamrass, Way-cool-Waylon and Eric the crazyjew, Kristoph and Lisa, the winged Megan ( KBA merch. lady fantastico), Shari Dickinson, Brendan “Kiwi” Hoffman (the totally helpful sound man who wasn’t even ours) and Perfidia.

“Synners” featuring Ryan Mann (Hotboxed) is kicking ass on the charts for Darkwave # 1 in Oregon, and now # 34 in the World.

March 2, we are beginning principal photography of a video for Synners. We will keep you updated as to progress and distribution once the vid is completed.


Live @ W.O.W. Hall in Eugene, OR.

Tonight, FEB. 23rd, DEAD POETS SOCIETY will be opening for :

King Black Acid

The Mothman Prophecies
CD Release Party
with Prodd
9:00 PM
$8 Door/All Ages
W.O.W. HALL 291 West 8th Ave, Eugene, Oregon

For directions to find the building click here.

The Mothman Prophecies is a new film from SONY Pictures starring Richard Gere as a reporter investigating paranormal occurrences that may or may not have something to do with his late wife’s death.