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I’ve finished the blog move for Raven Nightshado. This week the focus is moving my blog over. I hope to get about half of my posts over here on the new blog this week and and the other half up next week. If you were following my previous blogs, you will, in time, find all of my archives here, as well as all future posts.


The new site...

Welcome to the new official site for Dead Poets Society! We've been wanting to expand the site, and include many of the features that have become available to the web over the past few years for a long time now. We think we've finally found a platform that will allow us to do just that!

We've begun the process of housecleaning the old site entries, verifying links, and  updating information where possible. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!


Decomposing Composers!

We now have copies of Decomposition: Re-Inventing Minefield available. The mixes are taken from MINEFIELD’s 2001 5 song ep entitled `After The Ball” and feature the work of 10 international artists of the Electronic/Goth genre. The compilation was conceived by music publicist Jett Black of Nocturnal Movements. DECOMPOSITION features a wide palette of sound skillfully woven together to form an exquisite 55+ minute musical tapestry. Trance, Industrial, Trip-hop, Ambient, Punk and Techno treatments are all on the menu. Fans of Dead Poets Society, Soy Futura, Soviet Radio, Karl Mohr , Spectre VII, Cryptomnesia, Blue Mars, Bytet, Ingrown and The Synthetic Dream Foundation will delight at these new interpretations of Minefield classics. `The mixes on this disc really do underscore our electronic influences and push the envelope as far as experimentation goes’ claims Tamara Kent, vocalist and lyricist for MINEFIELD.

If you are interested in picking up a copy for yourself keep an eye on CDbaby.com. The album is scheduled to be available there later this month. We will be certain to let everyone know once it is up.

If you would like to hear the DPS remixed versions of “It’s Too Late” and “After the Ball” from Decomposition, please click here.