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Since You Asked...

Someone sent me this comment: “Do you have any comment, please, on spirituality outside the structure of an organized religion?”

No. I don’t. The main reason I don’t is that I have no problem with individual spirituality. I think people are entitled to their own opinions. If you believe in a higher power, a creationary force, whatever, then good for you. I hope that faith enriches your life.

The problem I see with organized religion is that following one usually causes THE RELIGION and not THE DEITY to be held in highest esteem.

Even Jesus said “Where ever two or more of you are gathered together in my name, there I am also.” He didn’t say “Hey, broadcast this service on network TV so you can sucker old grannies out of their Social Security checks.”

Spirituality is a lovely way to interface with the natural order on a personal level, no matter what name you give to it. Religion is a club that defines its members by pointing out how much better (read: holier) they are than any one else.

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