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The Dead Boy.

Well it’s happened again.

When I was a teenager, this guy I went to highschool with was in a movie. Actually, it was a miniseries, called “IT” and based on the Stephen King book.

The show starred a bunch of kids, including Ben Heller (the guy I went to school with) as the young Stan Uris, Seth Green as Richie Tozier, and Jonathan Brandis, (of Seaquest DSV) as Bill Denbrough.

The night IT aired, I also happened to be in the middle of reading Lord of the Rings. It was kind of eerie, because after watching the second half of IT, where Pennywise the Clown turns into the spider and they all kill it, I went to my room to read before bed. I was reading, and the date in the book was April 14. “That’s cool,” I thought. “because it’s April 14 today.”

I looked up. I hadn’t changed my John Howe Lord of the Rings calendar to April yet. It was still on March. So I got up and changed the calendar, and guess what the picture was?

Shelob. A big f-ing spider.

A few days ago, I was in the local record shop, and what do I see on the shelf but a copy of the miniseries on DVD. My best friend, who also went to high school with me used to have a massive crush on Jonathan Brandis. In fact, we had to watch Seaquest (she was my roommate in college) every time it was on. So naturally, when I saw the DVD, I thought of getting it for her, as sort of a late-birthday gag gift.

I went home that night and started going through some stuff I’d recently brought home from my mom’s house, stuff that had been stored in her garage since I was in college.

I found my roommate’s old Jonathan Brandis calendar.

“Okay. This is getting freaky.” I think. So today, I looked Jonathan Brandis up on the net, since I hadn’t seen him in any movies lately, and I wondered if he’d given up acting and become a lawyer or something.

Apparently, he committed suicide on November 12.

Yesterday: You’re famous. You’re popular. Your face is splattered on the cover of every teen mag in the country.

Today: You audition for parts and never get called back. You audition for the part of Anakin Skywalker in Episode II, but they cast some Canadian twerp instead.

Tomorrow: You hang yourself in your L.A. apartment.

Good night dead boy.

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