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Sandwich, Fries, and Kvetchup

spent the better part of my afternoon trying to come up with synonyms for “talkative” without looking them up in a reference work. I got “garrulous, voluble, verbose, chatty, and loquacious.” Pretty pitiful, since I missed “articulate, big-mouthed, chattering, effusive, eloquent, fluent, gabbling, gabby, gassy, glib, gossipy, long-winded, loose-lipped, loudmouth, mouthy, multiloquent, prolix, rattling, slick, smooth, talky, verbal, vocal, windy, wordy, and yacky.” I wish I could have a wi-fi brain. Just so I could check dictionary.com.  They’ve also got a word-of-the-day list that’s to die for.  Today’s word:  *kvetch.  How appropriate to my blog, since all I do is kvetch effusively.

I’m in the New York City Sub Shop again.  They have strange paintings on the walls.  One is a kind of hippie farmer with a coffee mug.  the others make more sense, an indian, a Coho salmon, and a view of the gorge.  The hippie farmer just freaks me out.  Maybe because I’ve never seen a REAL farmer smile. 

Which reminds me of my favorite farmer joke:
Did you hear about the farmer who won the lottery?  They asked him what he was going to do with the money.  He replied “Well, I guess I’ll just keep farmin’ till it’s gone.”

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