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Bugger me this Batman -- winter ain't over yet!

I’m seriously losing my shit. 

No really.  All over the place.

I’ve skipped class a few times (like now).  Me!  Skipping class.  It just doesn’t happen.  I’m taking Philosophy 202—Ethics—and all the damned questions are subjective.  I don’t do well with subjective.  I’m good with the “how” but the “how do you feel?”—-not so much.  Yes.  Go ahead with the Spock jokes.  It’s not like it’s anything new.

Warren had a birthday today, which means he’s now officially only 19 years younger than Joss Whedon.  There’s a little mock-feud going on between those two that I think is kind of cute, in a sort of don’t-you-rich-bastards-have-better-things-to-do kind of way.  While trying to determine its nature, I accidentally spoliered myself on wikipedia, reading too far down and missing the “Warning:  Spoiler Ahead” warnings, so now I know that ****, *******, and ******** are going to die on episodes of Angel I haven’t seen yet, and I know that **** dies in Serenity The Movie.  Holy Fuckaroo.  Damn you, Whedon.  Smarmy codpiece-stuffing bastard.  Kill the hotties.  Kill the hotties.  Didn’t you learn anything in college?  The hero doesn’t die.  At least not while I’m watching. 

The good news is that Mozilla just released a calendar for firefox and thunderbird that is spec-tac-u-lar. 

That’s the news from Lake Wobehere, where all the men smell strong, the women are tired, and the children are fuzzy and snotty.

Cats, people.  The children are cats.

How’s that for subjective?

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