Academics, and more
Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 11:04AM
Raven Nightshado

Those of you who read my blog will start seeing a slightly different tone in here for a while. Before you call the Brain Police and recommend me for an overhaul, please note that I’ll be using this blog for posting some of my academic work. As my last post, about why I changed my major, shows, I’m still in college, pursuing a BA in History. To that end, I’m going to post a lot of work in here that reflects that process. Some of it may be quite boring to those not OBSESSED with all things old, such as I am, so if you tune out for a while, I won’t be offended. Try reading a book in the meantime. Or, if you’re blog-obsessed, check out (Jamie Zawinski’s site.) Or read Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, which NEVER goes out of style…

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