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God....The Virus

The leader, either literal or figurative, delivers the message to the faithful. Faith is belief in the message, but it is often mistaken for belief in the messenger. Through faith, the follower assimilates the message, becoming a messenger, later spreading the message to new followers.

This structure, that of all religion, is the structure of a virus.

The original virus infects a cell, transmitting its DNA into the cell it has invaded. The host cell assimilates the viral DNA into itself, and thereafter forgets its original purpose. The host has been successfully infected and thereafter it only reproduces the virus, which it then spreads to other cells.

So why does religion persist?

There are two reasons. First, there are few ‘antibodies’ to counteract religion. The few that exist (atheism, scientific fact, skepticism) are disjointed; its members are too afraid that banding together under a common goal would make them into a religion themselves. Second, religion is a drug. It creates endorphins in its followers. They feel that ‘sweet love of God’ coursing through their veins, just like heroin.

“Religion,” Lenin said, “is the opiate of the people.”
In fact, it is more than that. It is the virus which will, in time, destroy all nations, all individuality, all fact and reason, supplanting these rational bodies and thoughts with its own violent scheme.