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Looking forward, looking back

So it’s been hell week at work.

Don’t get me wrong—I love my job. I mean I *really* love my job. But sometimes there are too many problems I can’t fix, you know?

But I have things to look forward to. My boss and I are going to a conference in a couple of weekends and I get to give a presentation on the graphic design work I did on the college catalog last year. Apparently, everyone loves it. Personally, I feel I was too constrained by time and other unreasonable factors, so it wasn’t my best work. But I will concede that it is better than what we had before, which was — I swear I am not making this up — laid out in WORD.


I did the layout in Quark….ewww. Would much rather have been using InDesign, but Quark is what the printer uses….

See what I mean by unreasonable constraints?

Other good news:

Tears For Fears coming to town in July. That is NOT a typo.

I am so pumped. After seeing them, I will have seen almost all the bands I ever wanted to see:
David Bowie, NIN, Depeche Mode out of the way.

Just holding on for Sting, Seal, and U2.