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Media Viruses: Things You Wouldn’t Say in Broad Daylight.


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I considered putting a long list of bad pirate jokes here, but eschewed that in favor of printing one or two representative samples:

Where do pirates live in trailers?


What’s a pirate’s favorite color?


You get the idea.

So Everybody Who Is Cooler Than Me saw Pirates last night at a midnight showing somewhere, and I probably won’t see it until Sunday at the earliest.  Bummerific.  I hope it’s good, and anyone who has seen it could post comments here as long as there are NO SPOILERS.  SPOILER POSTERS will be tracked down and forced to walk the plank.  (And you won’t like it, and no, Johnny Depp will not jump in and save you).

Random upload:

I’m noticing summer to be a particularly depressed time for me.  I tend to write less, to get less done and the things I do manage to write are more depressing.  It’s like inverted Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Normal people get depressed in the winter, when they don’t get enough sunlight.  But the hot weather makes me constantly queasy.  I’ve thrown up twice today already and it’s not even noon yet.  I was even sicker earlier this week when it was hotter.  I have all the shades in my office pulled down, so that almost no light comes in, but it doesn’t seem to matter—-I have a massive migrane from the light.  If I went outside I’d probably faint.  I lost my prescription sunglasses years ago, and I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair of contacts (so that I could wear cheap shades), so I may have to resort to wearing those crappy clip-on sunglasses, which I hate.

More later.   Lunch break is over.