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Rushing the Garden

In case you weren’t truly sure that I lived in Podunksville, the bumper snicker of the day, seen on my way home from work:
Eat Moose! 12,000 wolves can’t be wrong
No. I am not making this up.

Rammstein lit their singer on fire.
Bowie and NIN had really cool props.
Last night, three Canucks in dress-down surplus brought the house down around my ears.

Arrived Lloyd Center Cinemas parking lot at 6:00
Free all hours! What a bargain!
Walked to the Garden
seven blocks
Picked up tickets at Will Call booth
Section 103, seat 5, row G
Drank weak lemonade too fast.
Ate stale caramel corn too slow.

Even pushing 50, sex pours from Geddy Lee like the water from the pitcher of Vermeer’s maid. Neil’s drum solo on spinning drum riser hushed all pundits. Alex churns through licks like a WASP on diet pills.

Rush. Now I feel compelled to practice every day.
Damn them.