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Dead to the world, and happy about it!

Dead to the world, and happy about it
Well, the term is finally over. It is actually the end of spring break, and I’m happy about it.

I managed to pull another set of A’s this term, so it’s still with the 4.0 average. God, I’m so cool. (and modest too!)

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t been updating this blog lately, it’s pretty much a combination of school sucking hard those last few weeks and that I discovered World of Warcraft.

Wa and I have both become WOW junkies (Wunkies?) and we fight each other for time on the only one of our five computers that will run the game. Our next purchase is another machine, so that we can PVP eachother. I’ll kick his lily-livered arse.

Next term, I’m only taking one class…and it’s an elective. Ceramics. If that doesn’t reduce my stress level, nothing will.