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Daily Only (Monday through Saturday) for only $30.00 per month!

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(Available in The Dalles, Dufur, Rowena, Dallesport, Lyle, Klickitat, Wishram, Goldendale,Biggs Junction, Rufus, Wasco, Moro, Wamic, Tygh Valley, Maupin, and Grass Valley! )


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USA Today delivery choices:

Monday through Friday for only $45.00 per month in The Dalles, Dufur, Dallesport, Lyle, Wishram, Rufus, Biggs Junction, Wasco, Moro, Wamic, Maupin, and Tygh Valley


Whether it’s football, baseball, or basketball season, Sports Weekly Magazine gives you the full reports, feature stories, statistics, schedules, and standings about your favorite sports!

All for only $12.00 per month! Delivered to your home or business every Wednesday!


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