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R.O.B. to the Rescue!

I spent a good portion of this morning catching up on the past few episodes of TWiG (This Week in Geek) with Steve “Snowball” Saylor and Mike “Birdman” Dodd.

During Episode #007 (yes, they acknowledged the James Bond reference), they discussed some of the fascinating history of the Nintendo Corporation.  Everything from their orgins as a manufacturer of playing card decks to their current incarnation as the innovator behind the sensation that is the Wii game console.  

During the discussions in Episode #007 and in their first Roundtable The Console Wars, they discussed the various cool add-on products that Nintendo has released over the years such as the Zapper and the R.O.B, which reminded me that it had been awhile since I had checked in on my own Rob the Robot that came with my circa 1985 Deluxe Nintendo Entertainment System.

It took a bit, but with some persistence, I found him protecting a Master Yoda cup topper from some rabid dust bunnies.  During the battle his right robotic claw was severed but his wounds fortunately were not fatal. After a bit of first aid he seems to be recovering nicely. He has even returned to duty, and is now responsible for guarding my iPod iHome2go from any wayward mail. I must say, he has kept himself in pretty good shape after 22 years of service.

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