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Wedding Treasure = New House

Well, we’ve been hauling in pennies to the bank for years now and now combined with wedding haul, it appears that our efforts have paid off. We’ve been approved for our Home Loan!  woo hoo!  

The past few days we have been busily making the the rounds with our real estate agent. Fortunately we’ve found exactly what we want. We made an offer on Tuesday. The seller returned with a counter offer yesterday that we felt was reasonable so we inked the deal. We’ve got ourselves a house baby!

My heart goes pitter patter at the mere thought of it.

Now we just have to arrange for an inspector and endure the ten day waiting period. I hope we don’t find anything that would compel us to break the deal.

*crosses fingers and knocks on wood (hopefully wood without dry rot)*

One of the rooms in the basement needs to be repainted before we move in, but we haven’t settled on a color yet.

In the meantime I’ve been assigned the job of boxing things up in and around our current rental. Looks as if my June is shaping up to be as busy as my May was.


But in a good way of course.

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