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When Dragonflies Part They Become a Sweety

Fans of the well known act The Dragonflies may have wondered where their favorite band went. It would not be an unusual question to ask. In 2002 and 2003, The Dragonflies were captivating the attention of the Northwest music world with their self-titled album that featured a hit single, “Critical Nature”, that appeared on the Sugar & Spice film soundtrack and another song “Brenda Mars”,  that became a staple in Kenwood stereo commercials. If you were a skater or freestyler you caught their track “I’m an Alien” during the X Games. Their prospects began to look up, unfortunately the band splintered apart creatively just as the seeds they had sown were ready for reaping.

Now its fours years later and in the wreckage of The Dragonflies we find that members Scott Byrd (guitarits), Jeff Buehner (bass), and Steve May (drums) have moved on to form a new group Sweety, fronted by Jeff Carrell, who is most notable for having worked with Geoff Tate of former Queensryche glory.

As a former fan of The Dragonflies myself, my first impressions of Sweety’s self-titled EP debut is rather disappointing. The songs are recorded well enough, with Sean

Norton, who produced The Dragonflies, filling in as producer on this album as well, but the songs lack direction or hooks in either the vocals or the guitars. The resulting sound is like an unoriginal blending of Radiohead and The Cult, with a fair amount of early nineties grunge mixed in.

If you think I am being unduly unfair, take a listen for yourself. Above is the hit single “Critical Nature” by The Dragonflies and below it is the opening track “Sinking” on Sweety’s debut EP.
Remember, the band mates are for the most part the same people. The only exception are the vocalists and the addition of one extra guitarist on Sweety.


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