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Guild Evolution

Longtime readers of this blog are aware that in my spare time I’ve been playing a character in the World of Warcraft casual guild Alea Iacta Est which is formed on the Horde side of the Earthen Ring server. Normally I don’t post guild things in my blog, but I frankly thought it would be healthy to discuss some of this outside the microcosm of a guild forum.

Alea Iacta Est, is not the first guild I’ve joined since I began gameplay in October of 2005. The guild has been a wonderful place to be. It has been full of amazing experiences and people from all walks of life. Since its inception in February of 20067, we’ve already experienced the death of a comrade who passed away in real life (Bruce Galloway), a member who was drafted as a goalie by the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL, counted among our members notable personalities such as Leo Laporte, and we’ve seen members travel from all over the world to meet one another. We’ve staged some pretty incredible fun and silly events like the Running of the Bulls this past June, and celebrated the pairing of more than one couple in game and in real life.

But as anyone who plays these games and has been in a guild knows, guilds evolve and go through changes. It is inevitable. People will learn and grow and roles ultimately change. It happened to The Pod People, who were an amalgamation of Taverncast and World of Warcast fans. As the largest guild on the server (and potentially in the whole World of Warcraft), we’ve haven’t been challenged by any seriously dramatic changes or guild drama to date. That is of course, until last night and this morning.

Last night a bunch of notable guildmates left the game for vague and slightly ambiguous reasons. Today I’ve spent my day, in between getting errands and work done, casually monitoring the fallout on our guild forums. It will be interesting to see if our fellowship as guildmates endures in the wake of this guild evolution. I should point out that my wife and I have not considered leaving the guild. I see no reason to leave.

The guild still meets for me the criteria that was set out in their charter and mission, which I’ve cited below:

The Alea Iacta Est (AIE) is a casual RP/PVE Horde Guild that was started by the creators/fans/friends of The Instance, Extralife Radio, and Buzz out Loud on the Earthen Ring(RP)-US Realm of World of Warcraft. That said, I want to enlighten you about a few things that you accept responsibility for as a member of AIE.

  • AIE is a very casual Guild. We are not a Raiding guild or PvP guild… yet. We are just a collection of friends & fans of the shows.

  • You are expected to respect your fellow members and all players outside of the guild.

  • We enjoy having fun and try to keep things light and we expect you to do so as well. Role-Playing is very much encouraged but is NOT NECESSARY to have a good time.

  • The leaders in AIE are listed as Caesar and Imperators.

  • Every voice in AIE whether it’s a Caesar/Imperator or a lowly Pleb is equal, and we enjoy open conversation as long as you do not belittle your fellow members. If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments/etc, please submit them to us at any time.

  • You represent the AIE as a whole with that Guild Tag over your head, act accordingly. Keep away from the Dwarven porn if at all possible.

Lastly, as stated you are expected to act according to the rules of the game. We will not tolerate cheats, hacks, kill stealing, or any other actions outside of the fair play promoted in World of Warcraft.

It is unfortunate that we’ve lost those guildmates, but it has become clear to me that their play style had evolved and they were no longer in sync with the desires and needs that populate the rest of the guild. Of course some of this fallout was to be expected with the close of Summer fast approaching. Students will be returning to high school, college, post graduate work, and of course employees will be wrapping up their summer vacations. Many will be putting their nose to the grindstone to meet annual corporate goals as the beginning of the 3rd fiscal quarter approaches.

Will we as a guild survive until our first anniversary in February of 2008, or will we fall victim to internal squabbling, as was predicted by many on the server forums? I guess we can only wait and see. I pledge that we will not falter. Not if I have anything to do with it.

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