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The Google Chrome "Browser"

If you’ve every switched to Firefox after using Internet Explorer, you know how pumped you felt when you saw how fast  the Firefox broswer loaded items. Google just realeased their newest creation, CHROME, a browser that is even faster. I’ve used them all at one point or another. Flock, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, which  is the only broswer that seems nearly as fast Chrome in beta. 

This version,,  is still quite a distance in the software development cycle from reaching 1.0 status. It will be interesting to see if Chrome shows any of the vulnerabilities that were eventually found within Safari.  

On the plus side, the coolest thing about Chrome is that it is all Open Source goodness. Google wants you, nay, CHALLENGES YOU, to find new, unique, and ultimately better ways to use this code base beyond what they have imagined. It will be interesting to see what the creative developers in the Open Source community can devise. I only had a few minutes to play with Chrome, but during my brief adventure with the browser I didn’t see any add-on functionality. I’m curious if this something that is forthcoming as the project moves to the gold standard, or if they intend to keep the browser feature lite in order to guarantee the fast load times.

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