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Maximum LaMarcus!



Today NBA teams can negotiate contracts with free agents and with players currently under contract. For the Portland Trailblazers this means that they will be negotiating first and foremost with agents representing Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. While it is almost a foregone conclusion that Brandon Roy will be extended a maximum salary contract that will probably range in the 3-5 years , I think there has been some expectation that the Blazers will not extend the same deal to LaMarcus Aldridge. To that I say, don’t go cheap Portland. I say emphatically, sign LaMarcus to the max! I fully expect that Lamarcus Aldridge will average 20 points and 10 rebounds this year, even in the face of an improved Greg Oden, a constant paint warrior Joel Pryzbilla, and the young backup forward buck Jeff Pendergraph.


Rumor has it that Portland is trying to sign Hedo Turkoglu as starting small forward and backup power forward. It is my opinion that unless the Blazers know that Martell Webster cannot play during the next season there is no reason to spend all of that money on Turkoglu! We have the backup power forward slot solved potentially between Jeff Pendergraph and Travis Outlaw. The position we don’t have solved is point guard.


I am aware that signing LaMarcus to a maximum contract will limit our ability to play around in the free agent market. Frankly, I think we just need the reserve or starting point guard spot filled. I am confident Portland can get Kirk Hinrich without trading a player. They will just have to use all or the majority of their salary cap space and trade exception to get him. They will need to let Channing Frye go, which rumor has it that Portland intends to do so.


I would only encourage Portland to sign Hedo Turkoglu if they already have an informal trade deal in place should he sign with them to be used to obtain the veteran point guard position, which I think, having observed Kevin Pritchard and team the past few years, is a very real possibility.

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