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Geekistry Reviews Daft Punk's Score of TRON: Legacy

With the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in our rearview mirror, the other big behemoth of a film this holiday season is barreling down upon us for a December 17th release in the U.S. That film of course would be TRON: Legacy.

I’m not sure how this film will resonate with today’s teens and twentysomethings, but I can guarantee that you will see Generation X in full attendance at this film. Generation X *loved* the 1982 film that told the story of a software engineer who became trapped in his own virtual world. Quite frankly, with the advances in movie making technology, I was shocked that it took Disney this long to get around to making the sequel. From everything we’ve gleaned so far, it sounds like this sequel is going about telling the next chapter in the right way. I, unlike it seems everyone else, was not shocked that Daft Punk created a score this compelling for TRON: Legacy. This story goes perfectly with their style, and their French electronic roots.

While we still have to wait for the film, Michael Gaines, of Geekistry has this review of the score which was created by Daft Punk. I just got the score today, but rather than have you wait for my two cents, I think Mike does a great job of explaining some of the challenges and nuances involved with creating the score of this sequel. He also has a link over to an interview that Jason Bentley conducted with the director about the challenge of the score and the selection of Daft Punk to create it.

Mike’s review and the additional info at KCRW is well worth the read and listen.

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