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Apple Earnings Call Expected to Be Insanely Great or Why Apple Stock is Dirt Cheap...

With the Apple earnings anouncement for their fiscal 2nd quarter coming after close of the market today, Andy Zaky has this article which mirrors my recent thoughts about Apple stock, and its price. Here is my favorite part:

In fact, it is very likely that Apple will have more cash than its current market capitalization in less than five years. Once Wall Street begins to catch on to this reality, Apple shares should see a major upside correction. And this is precisely why Apple shouldn’t trade below a 20 P/E ratio over the next several years.


Imagine that…. at current cash position growth (assuming Apple doesn’t have to spend any of their cash for acquisitions or emergencies) a balance of 300 billion dollars and ZERO debt. wow. Wishful thinking? I guess we’ll see over the coming months…

Now, if I just knew someone who was willing to loan me $100,000 dollars for a couple of years…

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