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Microsoft potential buyout of Yahoo

Marketwatch reports that rumors are flying this morning about a potential takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft. Talks have become more formalized as Microsoft intends to be more competitive in their mergers & acquisitions after they failed to nab the Internet Advertisting giant Doubleclick before Google purchased the company for 3.1 billion dollars recently.

If Microsoft were to takeover Yahoo, a more interesting possibility might play out…. a union between Microsoft and Apple.  What, you say?   The two rivals working together? Did we not already see this dramatic story played out during their partnership of 1997? Not this way we didn’t. 

This past January, when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone he also announced partnerships with Yahoo and Cingular in the development of the new Apple mobile communications product. 

Yahoo’s IMAP mail pushing protocol was going to be the base of the email service component on the new phone. A great deal of Apple’s future is at stake with the iPhone. It is the device whose speculation has driven their stock price past $100 for the first time in company history, and it begs the question, how would a Microsoft ran Yahoo with Steve Ballmer at CEO helm feel about the partnership on the iPhone, a device that he once told a USA Today reporter had,      “…no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item.”    

A Little Ukulele Makes the Medicine Go Down

If you like the original, you might like this performance of the remix.
Posted because this what the past few days have felt like.



Unfortunately I don’t yet own a Nintendo Wii, but when I do get my hands on one, I will already have my Mii avatar worked out, which I created via this really neat Online Mii Editor.


Adaptation Nomination

Book: What book would you like to see made into a movie? 
Submitted by Felipe Anuel.

I am not going to limit this to one book:

1) The Concrete Blonde -Michael Connelly

If they don’t screw it up, Michael Connelly’s series about Detective Harry Bosch has the potential of being a incredibly cool ride that could translate well to film. This book, his third with the character Heironymous “Harry”  Bosch, is one of his best. The two books that follow this one, The Last Coyote and Trunk Music are the other two great novels from the series. This trio of books show incredible plotting, character development and classic Chandler-esque chops.

2) Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk

If you are familiar with his novel Fight Club and its examination of all things Testosterone, you might enjoy Invisible Monsters, which was actually the first novel he ever wrote, but was released only later after the success of Fight Club. Invisible Monsters is his examination of all things estrogen. This novel pulls no punches and shows us some of the darkest things about being a woman. Unfortunately it is probably so frank and shocking that Hollywood would probably want to stay away from it, or if they did choose to do it, would probably dilute the material to the point that it would make the film adaptation of The Bonfire of the Vanities look like it had a pulse.

3) The Sandman - Neil Gaiman

Even though this was a monthly comic series and later a collection of graphic novels, I could see an animated feature of this based on the art of Jill Thompson, Michael Zulli  and Dave McKean. If they were smart they would put Dave McKean in the director’s seat. Of the many books I would personally like to see Season of Mists adapted, particularly because I’ve always enjoyed The Endless and their unusual family ties.

4) Gai-Jin  - James Clavell

The last book in his Asian saga written by this master before he died. Gai Jin tells the story of Malcolm Struan and his experiences in Japan just a few years removed from its opening up to the west by the American Commodore Perry. If they did make a film of this it would have to be three plus hours for it to capture the majesty of the novel. I wish they would though. Clavell’s work hasn’t been seen on the big screen since 1965 when King Rat was adapted (we won’t count that atrocious adaptation of Tai-Pan in 1986). It remains to be seen if anyone has the balls to take on this epic novel.

My Ranking of the James Bond films *updated* as of 2013


11 Artists Who Should Record James Bond Movie Themes

11 Artists that have not been tapped to record/perform a James Bond Theme that I think should have been:

Artists were chosen based on consistency, quality, suitability to the James Bond sound and ethos, and by virtue of not being a citizen of the United States.

 After all, why shouldn’t they use a British Secret Service agent to show off music that doesn’t originate from the USA?

1) Annie Lennox
2) Depeche Mode
3) The Cure
4) Sting
5) Peter Gabriel
6) Bjork
7) The Who
8) David Bowie
9) George Michael
10) Elton John
11) Gary Numan

The James Bond Film Themes Ranked.

By Opening Theme Song:

 1) The John Barry Orchestra - “The James Bond Theme” (Dr. No)
 2) Shirley Bassey - “Goldfinger” (Goldfinger)
 3) Paul McCartney and the Wings - “Live and Let Die” (Live and Let Die)
 4) Carly Simon - “Nobody Does It Better” (The Spy Who Loved Me)
 5) Duran Duran - “A View to a Kill” (A View to a Kill)
 6) Tom Jones -“Thunderball” (Thunderball)
 7) Nancy Sinatra - “You Only Live Twice” (You Only Live Twice)
 8)  Shirley Bassey - “Diamonds Are Forever” (Diamonds Are Forever)
 9) aha - “The Living Daylights” (The Living Daylights)
10) The Man With The Golden Gun (The Man With The Golden Gun)
11) Rita Coolidge - “All Time High” (Octopussy)
12) Matt Monro - “From Russia With Love” (From Russia With Love)
13) Sheena Easton - “For Your Eyes Only” (For Your Eyes Only)
14) Tina Turner - “Goldeneye” (Goldeneye)
15) John Barry Orchestra - “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
16) Shirley Bassey - “Moonraker” (Moonraker)
17) Gladys Knight - “Licence to Kill” (Licence to Kill)
18) Garbage - “The World is Not Enough” (The World is Not Enough)
19) Sheryl Crow - “Tomorrow Never Dies” (Tomorrow Never Dies)
20) Madonna- “Die Another Day” (Die Another Day)
21) Chris Cornell - “You Know My Name” (Casino Royale)


R.O.B. to the Rescue!

I spent a good portion of this morning catching up on the past few episodes of TWiG (This Week in Geek) with Steve “Snowball” Saylor and Mike “Birdman” Dodd.

During Episode #007 (yes, they acknowledged the James Bond reference), they discussed some of the fascinating history of the Nintendo Corporation.  Everything from their orgins as a manufacturer of playing card decks to their current incarnation as the innovator behind the sensation that is the Wii game console.  

During the discussions in Episode #007 and in their first Roundtable The Console Wars, they discussed the various cool add-on products that Nintendo has released over the years such as the Zapper and the R.O.B, which reminded me that it had been awhile since I had checked in on my own Rob the Robot that came with my circa 1985 Deluxe Nintendo Entertainment System.

It took a bit, but with some persistence, I found him protecting a Master Yoda cup topper from some rabid dust bunnies.  During the battle his right robotic claw was severed but his wounds fortunately were not fatal. After a bit of first aid he seems to be recovering nicely. He has even returned to duty, and is now responsible for guarding my iPod iHome2go from any wayward mail. I must say, he has kept himself in pretty good shape after 22 years of service.


If A Great Musician Plays Great Music, But No One Hears . . . Was He Really Any Good?

This article is both incredibly fascinating and somewhat depressing.

Joshua Bell

In My Heart And On My Mind

Imogen Heap, like Brian Eno before her, is one of the few electronic artists that really pushes the boundaries of what music can be. Yesterday I enjoyed this performance but couldn’t post it until today. It left my heart full and my tear ducts empty.

If you’ve never heard this song it is about her parents divorce when she was 12 years old.