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Wedding Treasure = New House

Well, we’ve been hauling in pennies to the bank for years now and now combined with wedding haul, it appears that our efforts have paid off. We’ve been approved for our Home Loan!  woo hoo!  

The past few days we have been busily making the the rounds with our real estate agent. Fortunately we’ve found exactly what we want. We made an offer on Tuesday. The seller returned with a counter offer yesterday that we felt was reasonable so we inked the deal. We’ve got ourselves a house baby!

My heart goes pitter patter at the mere thought of it.

Now we just have to arrange for an inspector and endure the ten day waiting period. I hope we don’t find anything that would compel us to break the deal.

*crosses fingers and knocks on wood (hopefully wood without dry rot)*

One of the rooms in the basement needs to be repainted before we move in, but we haven’t settled on a color yet.

In the meantime I’ve been assigned the job of boxing things up in and around our current rental. Looks as if my June is shaping up to be as busy as my May was.


But in a good way of course.

Caterers = Organized Crime, pt. 2

Its been a bit over a week and I have received the final bill that was submitted by our Caterer in my inbox.
The damages amounted to $45.58 per head. As much of a cheapskate as I am, I can honestly say that
the meal was indeed lovely and tasted wonderful.

If you factor in the cake as well, it came to a total of $48.34 per head.

I’m not bragging, I’m just hoping to make information available that may assist any other
young couple about to organize and implement an event as to what the costs can be
if you don’t go the pizza and soda route.


Another year older...

Boy these years certainly pass by quickly.
Today was an emotional roller coaster.
There had been a confrontation with our slumlord who owns The Vic, a  dinner party celebrating my birthday, an overly excited slap at my vehicle’s windshield that caused it to shatter, and an approved home loan. All of which occurred in the span of about eight hours.

As HK-51 would say in KOTOR, it was enough to leave this meatbag thoroughly exhausted.

So, we now begin our trek: house hunting and windshield repair.

Life is an adventure.
Strap yourself in securely and throw your hands in the air.

10 Random Facts About Wa

I’ve been tagged by Rogue

1.  Wa is the initials of my first name “William” and my middle name “Angus”. In order to avoid confusion with my father I was nicknamed W.A., which by junior high had evolved into just plain “Wa”.  When I began performing and producing concerts the unusual name seemed to help others remember me.

2. I was born in New London, Connecticut while my father was stationed there,  but I’ve lived nearly my entire life in The Dalles, Oregon.

3. I have been told that I had refused to speak for the first two years of my life. When my grandmother became impatient waiting for me to speak, she offered me $5 if I would say the word “banana”. As the story goes, I blurted out the word, grabbed the money and ran.

4. My mother brought me to the grand opening of our new Fred Meyer in 1979 to meet Spider-Man. I was too shy and began crying at the prospect of meeting the webbed hero.

5. My favorite Read - a - Along 33 rpm vinyl record was E.T.

6. Lawrence Welk once proclaimed that I would be a not merely a good but a great trumpet player someday. Other than a brief stint with the instrument as a pre-game on-field fill-in in college, I’ve never played the instrument.

7. I won a trip to Disneyland by selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door when I was 10. I traveled alone by bus round-trip to Anaheim from Oregon.

8. Once while throwing horseshoes in a pit behind our house I accidentally hit a close friend in the head. No major damage was done. He walked away from it with just a bump on his head.

9. I experienced a crash while cycling on a Boy Scout trip that stripped skin from much of the left side of my body as I slid across the road wearing only shorts and a pair of tennis shoes.

10. When I was five, I was struck by a drunk driver in the crosswalk in front of my school. The force of the skidding car knocked me through the air to the crosswalk on the opposite side of the intersection.


My Wedding Ring...

Made from Stainless steel and black rubber, it doesn’t get much geekier than this.

Wa- wedding ring - closeup