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IGN's Ultimate Comics-to-Film Guide

IGN, the self described “everything that guys enjoy” site, has posted this massive guide to all of the films that are rumored to be, or are in development that are based upon comic source material. It is well worth the read. Its clear that authors Phil Pirrello and Jesse Schedeen really know their comic stuff. I agreed with most of their conclusions. We disagree about the Andrew Garfield starring - Sam Raimi-less Spider Man reboot (While I loved seeing Spidey make to the screen finally, I was not a big fan of who Raimi cast in the film, either as Spider Man or Mary Jane, and I thought he did a terrible job with the web-slinging etc. Here’s hoping that this next film goes back to a more traditional technology based web shooter, instead of the bio route that was in the previous installments). Plus the new film is rumored to feature some cameos of Martin Sheen (as Uncle Ben) and Sally Field (as Aunt May), so sign me up!

A cool bit of info: Darren Aronoksky, who directed The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, and Pi, has agreed to direct “The Wolverine”, as a one-off film.

It will be the story of how Logan travels to Japan, falls in love with Mariko, and even though she has already given her hand in marriage proposal to someone else, fights for her love anyhow.  I loved this story in comic format, it will be interesting to see if it translates well onto the screen. He is rumored to begin development in earnest this coming March of 2011. The big question that remains unanswered is whether or not they will shoehorn Jubilee into the story somehow?



Who Will Suffer If "The Social Network" Is A Disaster?

The people who will suffer if The Social Network is not the popular and critical success story of 2010 that many have pegged it, will be the creative masterminds behind the scenes.


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