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Impressive Japanese Straw Art!

“Mammoth” in Nigata Province, courtesy of Japan Style

In Nigata prefecture, located in northwestern Honshu, college Art and Architecture students make really impressive figures out of straw like the Mammoth you see above. To see more of these cool things, check them out at Japan Style.


Make Inspiration Your Slave...

After you’ve just read an engrossing book, listened to an engaging album, viewed a thoughtful film, or gazed upon a insightful painting, have you ever wondered what inspired the artist while they were involved in the midst of creating these works? Inspiration, unlike lightning strikes, can be self-generated, focused, and controlled (Okay, scientfically I could generate a lightning strike, but you know what I mean, right?).

What exactly is inspiration you ask? It is simply that which moves you intellectually, or emotionally. Inspiration is the thing that makes you ask why something happened, how will it impact you, or those around you, and as a force compels you to find the answers to those questions.

Over here I gave a few tips about how to get your creative inspiration mojo going, and how to keep it going once you’ve got it rolling.

Creativity and Inspiration Are at Your Bidding



I admit, I love low resolution ASCII art. Who doesn’t really? You couldn’t be a gamer from the eighties without bumping into some fun ASCII art. After some research into the subject I discovered that there are people out there like Simon Jansen, who have *REALLY* dedicated  their time to re-creating Animated ASCII art.

an ASCII art animated version of STAR WARS

The best example I’ve found is this great ASCII art animation of STAR WARS: Episode IV: A New Hope
 that Simon Jansen began in 1997. (NOTE: It is optimized for Firefox users and may not work on IE)

I’m sure this will be very old news to some of you, but I couldn’t help taking that nostalgic flash to the past.