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Sherlock to Debut on PBS This Sunday


This Sunday, on PBS, a new Sherlock Holmes serieswill debut. I’ve long been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and have read nearly every Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story that was written as well as many of adaptations, both good and bad that have been produced from Caleb Carr to Neil Gaiman. Even our own Jessica Griffin wrote a Sherlock Holmes story (that is quite good, I might add) that takes place in San Francisco.

This version of the detective was co-created and written by Mark Gatiss, and former Dr. Who writer/producer Steven Moffat. I like Martin Freeman, so I’m pumped to see him take on the iconic role of Dr. John Watson. It should prove to be an interesting adaptation as this series will pit Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in the 21st Century.