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Oregon Mother threatens to ban and burn "The Book of Bunny Suicides" by UK author Andy Riley

The Oregonian’s Joseph Rose reports that the mother of a thirteen year old student at Central Linn High School, Taffey Anderson (I shit you not, her real name is Taffey), has stolen a book from the Central Linn High School library and refuses to return the book. She insists that “it has no intellectual value” so she will burn or destroy “The Bunny Suicides”. Additonially she has threatened the district that she will steal any new copies that are purchased to replace the lost book and destroy those as well until the book is banned at the Central Linn High School library. The library wants to consider the matter by reviewing the book, but is unable to because of Taffey Anderson’s refursal to return the book rightfully to the library.

This is quite honestly the kind of ignorant social conservative nonsense that I’ve had to endure during my childhood years in Oregon. Tolerance and respect for creative works has improved a bit over the years, but we still have more than our share of unsympathetic laggarts who seem to think they have the right to make a decision for the rest of us without considering the possibility that it is none of their business what other people’s children do or do not read.

I was particularly offended that is has been suggested nowhere in the article that this woman should be arrested for theft (in the event that she does not return the book by a set deadline) since she has confessed already to possessing the book, and charged and fined with vandalism of public property for destroying an object that our state tax dollars purchased.

Some seem to think that placating her is enough. I disagree. We need to stop entertaining the book banning, ignorant, socially conservative opinion and treat them and this kind of action for what it is: complete and utter stupidity.