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Keanu Reeves Claims Bill and Ted 3 Script Six Weeks Away From Completion

Last September I reported that SandwichJohnFilms had learned from Keanu Reeves that he was excited about making a third film in the Bill and Ted series.

Well, SCREEN RANT claims that they caught up with Keanu Reeves a few days ago at an MTV event. When asked about Bill and Ted 3, he said that the original film’s writers, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, were about six weeks away from completing a draft of the script.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the script will be picked up by a production house, or whether Reeves is considering producing the film himself, it is exciting to see that one of the best Greek fool film franchises might be returning.


Update 8-18-2012!

Reeves announced that Bill and Ted 3 will be directed by Dean Parisot, who directed Galaxy Quest!


Keanu Reeves Wants to Make Bill and Ted 3

If this blog post at SandwichJohnFilms is accurate, then Keanu Reeves is open to making a third sequel to his breakthrough first two hit films, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1992).

For a longtime I’ve been a big fan of the films and think that the first film in particular is vastly underrated as a brilliant piece of art that has many levels to it, if one were so inclined to critically examine them, and I admit that the thought that Reeves might get together with Alex Winter and particularly writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, who penned the excellent first film that partied hard, has me extremely excited.