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Around this date in 1993...

I was performing a gig with my band Wymsikal Triod at Cloran Aid, on the University of Oregon campus.

The gems featured in our set were a spoken word/jazz interpretation of Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel and a progressive rock cover of Yes’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, Steve Ray Vaughn’s “Crossfire”, Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” and a tune that Paul and I had collaborated on called “Discover”.

I believe the gig was recorded, but unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the performance. I wish I did. Frog and Toad turned out very nice. At the time we had Jason Kamrass on vocals, Paul Walker on bass and myself on drums and percussion. lol. I remember having the Neil Peart setup at the time. There was another guy whose name I cannot seem to recall that we borrowed from another band who used to share our rehearsal space with us. The group he primarily performed with was this Billy Joel and Stryper combination called Without a Prayer. You had to hear it to believe it!

Yep, those certainly were THE days. Raves, concerts, champagne, girls, road trips, hot springs, and a class here and there.