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Six Apart, Creators of VOX, Begged for $2M In Its Final Days.

Vox, the free blogging service that was shuttered on September 30th of 2010, was the first blogging site I truly enjoyed. I was never a huge fan of Blogger or Wordpress, but Vox had a community that I found endearing; it was like Livejournal, only with a cleaner design aesthetic, and a beautiful User Interface.

Unfortunately the company behind Vox, Six Apart, was waaaaaaay overvalued after the success of their flagship product Typepad in the early years of the 2000s, and received a ridiculous $22 million dollars in venture funding between 2003 and 2007.

So, it is interesting to see how far the mighty blogging giant has fallen.

Bobby Johnson of GigaOm is reporting that “In more than 100 pages of documentation sent out to the Six Apart shareholders ahead of a legal hearing due on Wednesday, the merger details are laid out in full. Highlights include: Six Apart executives asked for a $2 million bridge loan from VideoEgg to help pay “liabilities and operating expenses” in the run up to the merger announcement. This goes beyond third-party expenses, and presumably included cash for items such as salaries.”

For those of us who were on Six Apart sites, I can practically hear the following words floating out there across the blogosphere: “Farewell Six Apart. Thanks for breaking ground. We’ll take over from here.”