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Apple getting ready to Rock this morning.

Apple unveils their Holiday iPod lineup this morning @ 10 AM PST. This reported spy image is what the rumor sites have indicated will the be the new form factor for the 4 generation iPod Nano.

Soon we will find out if Kevin Rose was right about his iTunes 8.0 prediction. We will also learn if  AppleInsider was correct with their prediction involving a new form factor for the iPod Classic, as well a new form factor for the iPod Shuffles (as well as three new colors).

If you want to follow the event live, EnGadget will be covering it in realtime here.


Apple Nano reboot

For the past few years Apple has announced new iPod and Nano versions every September with an eye towards galvanizing the holiday sales during November and December. This year seems to be shaping up the same as previous ones. This year’s event is rumored to take place September 9th.

Kevin Rose has inside information that suggests that the new Nano will be a surprising refresh that will excite many who were not that enamored with the “Fat Nano.”  Rose also insists that iTunes 8.0 will be released as well.

Over on YouTube, SoliderKnowsBest has this video clip in which he reveals that iTunes 8.0 may offer a new unlimited music subscription service.

It remains to be seen whether or not the new Macbook and Macbook Pro revisions will be unveiled at this event.