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Alea Iacta Est (AIE)

I’d neglected to mention that I’ve joined the Alea Iacta Est role-playing guild on the Earthen Ring server of World of Warcraft this past week.

“Alea Iacta Est” is Latin for “The die has been cast”. These words were reportedly uttered by Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon river with his troops on January 10th, of 49 BC on his return to Rome in complete defiance of the Roman Senate by refusing to disband his army outside of the city limits.  The Roman Senate had warned that such an action would be cause for War, thus the phrase.

The guild was founded by Scott Johnson host of the podcasts The Instance, Extra Life Radio, as well as his webcomic My Extra Life, and co-hosts Randy Deluxe and Andrew.

Other podcast founders and/or members
 include Veronica Belmont from CNET ( most notably the Buzz Out Loud Podcast), Len and Nora of Jawbone Radio, Brian Ibbot of the Coverville Podcast, members from the WoW Add-ons Podcast, and Leo Laporte of  TWiT.tv podcast network fame.

The guild is exploding in size. It has been loads of fun hanging out with similar minded, crazy and fun people who treat each other with respect and share incredibly sharp sense of intelligence and wit.

If you are a fan of our band or any of these podcasts/podcasters  feel free to drop by and check out the guild sometime.


a Tidbit that Titillated my Neurel Net.

Wow, following the word around the net this past month has required some adjustment.

There was a certain radio pundit who made a ridiculous accusation about Michael J. Fox this past month, and without realizing he had done so  had also basically made an attack on all sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease. Fox appeared in a recent Clair McHaskill (D-MO) Senate campaign ad,  touting the need for stem cell research, which prompted this certain individual to mock him.

If you haven’t heard about this click here to learn more about the circumstances. Suffice to say, just about everyone, including the pundit’s own conservative base has come out and challenged his absurd opinion.

A short message on TWiT.tv from Leo Laporte has sent many hearts including my own, into cardiac flutters.
The message, cited below, with the most interesting part cast in bold, immediately generated nearly 500 passionate responses with many more on other sites that also cover themes regarding podcasting such as this article at Digg.com.

“It’s about 80 degrees out - in all likelihood the last nice day of summer in Northern California - so all the TWiTs decided to play hookey. At the same time. Unfortunately that means there will be no show tonight.

It’s my turn to play hookey next week. I’m off on a Geek Cruise next Friday, and will be gone through November 4, so there will be no TWiT next week either.

I’ll decide what happens to TWiT, the show, when I come back, but at this point it looks like it’s on life support and the heart monitor is flatlining.

Meanwhile, enjoy our first This WEEK in LAW with Denise Howell, and thanks for listening. I’ll put it up on the TWiT feed in place of TWiT later tonight.”

                        —Leo Laporte from Twit.tv

On the same day he made the announcement above, he also provided this interesting blurb in his blog. Perhaps another portent of things that will come to pass?