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The Cars: New Album After 27 Years Apart.

Yes, you read that right. Their first album since 1984’s Heartbeat City is going to be released on May 2nd of this year.

The Cars were the soundtrack to so many of my most memorable childhood experiences like my first visit to a roller rink and laterat an arcade. Where I grew up, you couldn’t escape The Cars. They were everywhere teens gathered. I remember blaring “Magic” out the windows of my mother’s old white and brown Jeep Wagoneer at full blast as we tore over the freeway on my first big family summer road trip! It great to see that they are back!

Judging by this single that they released on YouTube, I am very optimistic that they have kept all the stuff we love from their roots while looking forward. I think the late-departed member Benjamin Orr would have approved of this new single, “Blue Tip”. Enjoy.



Guilty No Wave Music Find of the Week

The Bush Tetras

I found this No Wave gem via Bryan Rutt over at That Was What I Was Going to Say (TWWIWGS). I can’t help it. I love it!. Below is a video of The Bush Tetras hit, “Too Many Creeps”. It’s great 1981 new wave/punk song that I somehow missed when I was growing up.

You can tell that it originated from the same scene as early Talking Heads. A recent band that reminds me of them is The Prids. I’ve included an audio only version of one of my favorites of theirs, “You As The Colorant”,  from their 2003 album Love Zero.




Apple.com Promotes Big iTunes Announcement for Tuesday, November 16th

If you visit Apple.com today, you’ll see this:


It is unclear whether the announcement will be about the extension of the iTunes previews of songs on the Store from 30 seconds to 90 seconds for songs that are longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds in duration, or if it might be related to placing the entire iTunes store on the web, outside of an installed stand alone application. For this to work, they would presumablybe  taking advantage of the new North Carolina data center that was recently constructed. The theory is that this cloud service allow you to sync your iTunes library with the cloud and have access to all of your content, wherever you are with your iOS device.

Whatever it is, this seems like odd as an announcements g, for a number of reasons. One, Apple usually reserves iTunes announcements  for scheduled conferences that they have for the iPods in the Fall, the January announcement of new products, the March exhibition and explanation of new iOS features, and the June unveiling of new Mac OSX features and iPhone hardware unveiling. So,  it appears that this is something that Apple feels cannot wait until January, which tends to suggest that this will likely be something more than just the announcement of the iBookstore being available directly in the iTunes Store, instead of through iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch only. No, this seems to have a heavier import behind it. And Two, they just released an iTunes update this past Friday, so it seems weird that they wouldn’t have announced something this big around the time they were pushing the iTunes 10.1 update.

The biggest thing they could announce that would be worthy of such promotion by Apple would be revealing a subscription model that would allow all owners of iPods, iPads, and iPhone to stream as much music to their device as they would like for an inexpensive monthly fee. This all-you-can-eat model is arguably the only thing that has differentiated iTunes from its competitors. On iTunes, you owned your content, located on your hard drive. That paradigm may be waning.

Darrel Etherington of The Apple Blog at GigaOm seems to think that this may have something to do with the Facebook contacts integration with Ping that Apple wanted to announce this past September, but couldn’t get worked out without “onerous privacy problems” after 18 months of negotiation with Facebook.

Others seem to think that the use of the clocks in the image above, looks strikingly similar to the cover of The Beatles album, Help!, perhaps suggesting that finally The Beatles will make their entrie catalog available on iTunes. While it seems that this would not be a big enough unveiling to require this much promotion, by occupying the entire splash page of Apple.com, it would be perfectly timed, as Yoko Ono has been promoting the remastered release of John Lennon’s entire back catalog in celebration of what would have been his 70th birthday, and in mourning of the 30th anniversary of his death.

Whatever it is we will know by 7 a.m. tomorrow Cupertino time, 10 a.m. New York time, midnight in Tokyo, and 3 p.m. in London.



The Beatles are now on iTunes! Seriously, that was the huge announcement?

Welcome aboard Fab Four.

Now you can be the Walrus as well.



Make Inspiration Your Slave...

After you’ve just read an engrossing book, listened to an engaging album, viewed a thoughtful film, or gazed upon a insightful painting, have you ever wondered what inspired the artist while they were involved in the midst of creating these works? Inspiration, unlike lightning strikes, can be self-generated, focused, and controlled (Okay, scientfically I could generate a lightning strike, but you know what I mean, right?).

What exactly is inspiration you ask? It is simply that which moves you intellectually, or emotionally. Inspiration is the thing that makes you ask why something happened, how will it impact you, or those around you, and as a force compels you to find the answers to those questions.

Over here I gave a few tips about how to get your creative inspiration mojo going, and how to keep it going once you’ve got it rolling.

Creativity and Inspiration Are at Your Bidding


Apple and Facebook Reportedly Negotiated Over Ping for At Least 18 Months

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Apple and Facebook negotiated over 18 months about the nature of their relationship with regards to Apple’s music social network, Ping . 


This reinforces my opinion that I wish Apple would have used the Twitter API for their friends import feature, instead of trying to make some sort of deal that wasn’t onerous with Facebook.

It just seems that Evan and Biz would be easier to get a deal done with, and with their new twitter rollout, it looks like their numbers will continue to expand from the current 190 million users, making it nearly as useful as Facebook’s 500 million. Ping is only available to users in the U.S. currently, and according to Facebook Statistics, more than 70% of their users are located outside the borders of the United States, which makes Twitter’s numbers very competitive by comparison.


Yoko Ono: 'We are still partners' 

Say what you will about her, but I really, truly think that Yoko Ono has done a remarkable job in honoring John Lennon’s life since his death some 30 years ago in New York City.


The Case Against The Case Against Apple

Over here I refute the claims of Jason Calacanis’ recent arguments about Apple.


Tom Shear of Assemblage 23