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Cool New Stuff Added to My Player Mode in NBA 2k11

If you love both basketball and video games then you might have played NBA 2k10, the basketball simulation game from 2KSports which is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. If you haven’t, one of the really cool new features that was added to the NBA 2k10 version of the game last year, was the My Player mode.

My Player mode allows a player to customize their very own player (in height, weight, appearance, jersey number, and accessories) and play as this player throughout theNBA Summer Circuit, Developmental League, and if they play well enough, to even be picked up by an NBA team for their training camp, and perhaps a roster spot on your favorite NBA team during the regular season and beyond.

I loved NBA 2k10, so it was with eager anticipation that I looked forward to October of 2010, when 2K Sports released their most recent version of the game, NBA 2k11. In this new version of the game, 2K Sports made the My Player mode, which had finally brought basketball and role-playing games together for the first time in a seriously compelling way in NBA 2k10, much, much better! These improvements make playing the life of an NBA basketball player that much more engaging. 

Visit here to get a rundown of all the cool improvements in the My Player mode in NBA 2k11.


6 Tips For Improving NBA 2K11

Michael Jordan will grace the cover of NBA 2K11, to be released in October 2010


With the announcement by 2K Sports that the next installment of their very popular NBA sports franchise will be released in October, I wrote this article with a list of things I sincerely hope that they may add as part of NBA 2K11.