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Lost Video Footage from 1995 of David Bowie/NIN in Concert

One of the coolest concerts I ever witnessed was the first concert ever performed inside the brand new Rose Garden in October of 1995 of David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails on the Outside tour. The show was special because it included a neat segue in which Nine Inch Nails shared the stage with David Bowie for a few songs before giving way to David Bowie’s set full set. There were so few shows played, that not alot of people actually got to see them live. We’ve had bootlegs of the audio from the concerts around for years, and the brief clip of video from here and there, but never have we had a big chunk to enjoy.

David Williams, who was the editor in charge of putting together a video compilation of the concert footage that unfortunately never saw the light of day officially because of a snafu with the record companies involved, posted on Vimeo this incredible 39 minute glimpse into the amazing 20 date concert tour that was the Outside tour. In this clip you get to see, among other things,  a very cool arrangement of “The Man Who Sold the World”, “Subterraneans (with Trent Reznor playing Sax!)” , “Scary Monsters”, “Reptile”, “Hallo Spaceboy”, “Hurt”, “Heart’s Filthy Lesson”, and Under Pressure!

David Bowie NIN Work Pix from video on Vimeo.*


*It appears that David Williams has removed the video links. My apologies.

Instead, here is a link to a great performance by David Bowie of his track “Heart’s Filthy Lesson”.

Here is another embedded clip of David William’s editing work mentioned but who knows how long this one will last as well. The person who posted the clip on YouTube says that it is from Nine Inch Nails Dissonance tour, but that is incorrect. The only tour that NIN was on in late ‘95, to early ‘96 was the David Bowie OUTSIDE tour, of which this from.